Are you planning your exciting adventure around the world? Left your job, sold your house and starting to pack all the things you might need for your long journey? With children it’s a bit harder, as they take up more space then you realise!

Since being on the road for 3 -4 weeks now there are some essential items that we as a family could not live with out! I hope you find this blog helpful! Please comment below if you have any of your own that you can’t live with out!

1. “Lush” Solid Hair Soap

Yes it sounds extremely weird to have solid hair soap! But believe me, it’s an absolute life saver! It foams up just like usual shampoo, your hair feels amazing after a wash, and it saves lugging around heavy bottles. So save some space in your rucksacks ladies, get your self down to Lush – also online “These highly-concentrated bars, packed with powerful natural ingredients and essential oils, do the job of three 250g bottles of liquid shampoo” highly recommend and all three of us have used one of these for three weeks and still going strong!

2. Dry Shampoo

For them days where you just haven’t got time to wash your hair but it really needs a spruce up- try Batiste Dry shampoo. I find “Clean Classic Original” best as any other brands or fragrances makes my hair really itchy and sore. If your planning on staying in an RV for a while, dry shampoo is an absolute must; you don’t get a lot of shower time so hair washing isn’t top of the list.

3. Comfortable Loungewear OR pyjamas

This again, along with dry shampoo is an absolute must if you are planning on a long road trip! You spend a lot of down time in the RV driving for miles, and I feel it’s important to feel comfortable. Pack them baggy old PJs, and get cosy – you’re in for a long ride!

4. BB Cream or a Light Foundation

You haven’t been able to wash your hair as regularly as you’d like, and wearing baggy old PJs to keep you comfortable during them long road trips – so it would be nice for us ladies to make sure we look a little presentable. If you want a quick fresh face I absolutely recommend an Australian brand called NATIO, I use a foundation called Flawless, Full coverage. I can tell you now, this goes on beautifully like a BB cream, extremely light but gives you a lovely coverage – for that quick morning pick me up we all need! You can grab your self one of these in Tesco In the U.K. otherwise ebay.

5. Portable Charger

We have all been there, out of battery at 4% and desperate to google something important! Get your self on eBay/ Amazon and buy yourself an “EasyAcc Charger” It takes 3 leads at once (three USB ports) and charges all three devices up full charge with in an hour! This has been an absolute life saver! Especially with an iPhone, I have used this to charge my iPhone up 3 times YES people THREE TIMES in one day since we have been away! Taking photos/ videos uses lots of battery, and you do not want to miss that amazing photo.

6. Amazon Fires

This one is for those of you travelling with children, call us mad for deciding to it in the first place! It’s hard work believe me, all cramped up in an RV there are times when us adults need some down time. If you have children like ours that do not sit still, and like to run jump and play – 1 hour screen time is seriously needed. Make sure you download apps that work with no WiFi, and download films from Netflix and Amazon to work offline. As WiFi in RV parks (even though they say it’s included) can be hit and miss.

7. Wine/ Beer Glass (plastic)

Last but not least, the most important, and most needed essential while travelling in an RV! Get yourself down to the local grocery shop, and get a decent drinking glass. It will come in handy- especially those of you with children. You will definitely need a large glass of wine/ beer at the end of the night. It’s an absolutely amazing experience being able to be together as a family, and work as a team but it’s hard work! Being in such close perimeters for long periods of time can cause a lot of sibling arguments….by the time it’s bed time – for them an adult drink is needed.

So there you go! My 8 essentials for travelling in an RV I hope this helps! Are there anything you could suggest or that you found helpful in your travels? Please comment in the comments


PS- I’m editing this and adding a new essential- hiking / walking shoes! We all have a pair and have worn them most days! They are heavy wearing, waterproof and absolutely perfect for all them little adventures you have planned.

The Cold Doesn’t Bother me anyway…..

So our plans have changed slightly due to -30 weather conditions in Chicargo.

We flew from Gatwick and to Chicago on Monday afternoon via Norwegian air, our flight was great, airline company was excellent and Ellie and Maisie was well behaved. Considering it was a 9hr flight, anyone who knows our girls will know that they don’t sit still for 5 minutes, so all was going great. We skipped off the plane all excited, and ready to jump on our next plane to Dallas Texas knowing that we just had to wait 5hrs in the airport first. We planned to grab some food, watch the planes out of the window, and before you know it we would be on our way to Dallas.

We thought it was all going so well!…. 

As we stepped off the plane we felt the bitter cold hit us, breathing steam out of our mouths and laughing about it, because it’s fine, we were off to Dallas soon where its 18 degrees. We then head off to collect our bags,  and bundled onto a cold shuttle bus to terminal 3 where we checked in for our next flight to Dallas.

At the checking desk, the lady told us the flight was delayed by 2hrs, so we planned on having a little nap somewhere as we were all tired. This meant that we would be checking into our Dallas hotel at 2am rather than 12am US time. So we checked in, went through security, and then headed off to find our gate, where we decided to set up our base camp for the next 7hrs.  Our “temporary camp” consisted of 5 chairs in a horse shoe shape, up against a wall and in the middle of the chairs we laid coats and blankets on the floor so the girls could have a sleep. We both sat on guard and took it in turns in napping, behind us was a huge window looking out to all the planes at the gate. The snow was coming down hard, and there were people in cranes firing jets of what we guessed was antifreeze.(Looked like a scene from Die Hard 2).

Anyway, about 2 hours went by, the girls were asleep on the floor, we were both nodding……. then we heard the words that no one wants to hear ” flight no NK903 has been cancelled, repeat flight no NK903 has been cancelled”.

So we had 2 sleeping children, 4 lots of hand luggage and we had been awake for far too long; So we decided to overcome it, grab a wheelchair, stick the sleeping girls in it and made a dash for the checking desk. We then discovered that we wouldn’t be flying untill Wednesday (today is Monday) and because it was a weather issue, (not the plane) they told us that they cannot offer us a free hotel. We looked up the weather forecast to find that the weather would be getting worse as the week goes on, and we decided to get a refund  (If they wouldn’t fly in -8 we couldn’t see them flying when its -30)

We book nearby hotel, grab our bags and called a taxi – we decided on spending the night coming up with a new plan!

So after our airport disaster, we managed to check into the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel a short cab ride away from the airport, the girls were shattered, we chucked our bags down, put our PJ’s on and went to bed. As shattered as we all were we still managed to wake up at 4:30 am (damn you body clock), the kids are re-energized and excited to be on holiday – so it doesn’t take long before the beds turn it to trampolines and the hysterical laughing and shouting begins. 

So we are pretty much snowed in, all the news channels are covering how bad the weather is and not to go outside as you can get frost bit within 2-5 min! the wind chill is -55! We did take it in turns to pop outside to see what -30 feels like (Just the adults) and to take some photos. It takes your breath away, and the inside of your nose starts freezing up as soon as you inhale through your nose! It’s a weird sensation, but glad we experienced it. 

Last night Maisie was sick, which we did not plan for (esp all the extra washing), she was sick all over Ellie and Ellie didn’t wake up! We have spent most of the morning picking lumps out of clothes, hair and bedding….another hurdle for us, I wonder what could happen next.

We are now on our last day of our 4 days in this big hotel, we have played board games (Escape room Jumanji is amazing!), we have been swimming, watching TV, home schooling and writing our blogs. We pick up our RV tomorrow from Chicargo instead of Dallas depot and our adventure begins! New places added are: Springfield and Memphis on route to New Orleans – 1000 miles in 4 days wish us luck, and keep following us!



We’re Leaving On a Jet Plane, not sure when we’ll be back again……

From Glen-

It’s 4:42am on 28th January 2019 and I’m wide awake, laying in our Premium Inn bed at London Gatwick thinking about what is about to happen with our lives. Thinking about the adventures we will have, what problems we may encounter, how this trip is going to benefit our lives, and what impact it will have on the girls. What will life throw at us, and how will we handle it; I’m thinking all this laying in this hotel bed in the dark while the 3 girls are sound asleep, I’m writing on my phone with the brightness turned all the way down and when one of the girls move or make a sound I flip the phone down to hide the screen so they don’t see I’m awake and think it ok to get up.

We have a long day ahead of us today, we won’t be checking in to the hotel in Dallas till about 12 midnight tonight, so a full day of traveling with a stopover in Chicago for 5hrs then another flight to Dallas Texas, so the girls need there rest for this long day ahead.

I’m also thinking about the comfortable life we’ve left behind, Gem had 2 businesses she started from nothing which she loved, and I have worked 14years at the same company, the last 5years being management. We were both very comfortable and stable with our work situations, we rented a lovely house and we filled it with all pretty things to make it our home – we had a comfortable life…………. But where’s the excitement, where’s the adventure? We could go on with our lives working 60hrs + a week up until we retire , and squeezing in fun things to do over the weekends sure 95% of the population does and it works, But that doesn’t work for us, we have been stuck in groundhog Day for to long……


We have sold everything we own, I’ve quit my job, Gems closed her business, we’ve moved out of our home, and we have taken the girls out of school. Our lives as we knew them is no more, but boy does that feel good.

All we now own are 4 ruck sacks full of clothes, a fancy camera ,2 phones and a laptop, oh and of course Gemma’s beloved trumpet and right now it feels liberating. We feel free, we have no weight on our shoulders (other than our rucksacks!)

So that’s it from us, from The England Family we are jetting off to the USA to start our amazing trip!

Dyslexic and I know it….


Some of you may know already, my spelling and grammar can sometimes be horrendous! I do struggle with understanding some text, and sometimes have to spend some time reading through, and checking my thesaurus!

I didn’t let this beat me during my studies and worked extremely hard, managing to achieve an A Level, and a BA Hons Photography. While at University I discovered after a number of tests, that I am infect Dyslexic. For me, it was a relief as then I realised that I can learn any subject –  I just need to learn differently to others. My way of learning new skills is through visual/physical/artistic – rather than listening and reading.

This month I have taken on a new challenge, I am probably crazy – but have decided to study TEFL – which stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. If I am able to complete the course, it could lead to opportunities working abroad – but I am going to have to work extra hard.

At the moment I am re-teaching myself English Grammar, as I have little understanding of all the function words, and their meanings – and this is probably the most challenging project that I have ever given myself!

This weekend (tomorrow) I am attending a 2 day course, and to be totally honest I am so very very nervous! I have made sure I am fully prepared, with simple print outs (for Ellie’s age)!

While I am at the course, I will be learning; how to plan a class, how to teach vocabulary, grammar, speaking and reading! Once I am qualified I will be able to work in another country – for example Bali and  help children who already know basic English, to correct their linguistics and para-linguists. Anyone who is fluent in English can do this, as you naturally know how to speak/ read and write. Most students choose to have a TEFL teacher just to practice their English speaking, but my aim is to hopefully teach children.

I have 140 hours of online learning and 3 assignments to complete! BUT Anything is possible if you push yourself, you can learn when your older, – and I will make this happen!

Gem x

Nothing Planned

nothing planned blogJust thought Id write a little bit about how we are going to travel around the world – and if you were thinking of doing the same, how to go about it!

Firstly, sell up, jump on a plane and see where the wind takes you.

Ok, im kidding! Close friends and family who know me (Gemma) know how much of an organised freak I am! I have organised EVERY THING to the last hotel and flight!

We booked our flights,  around 2 months ago with a company called Round The World flights – a lovely man called Geoff was extremely patient with my every question, our constant plan changes and date changes! If you are looking for someone to help you source out lots of flights go to and ask for Geoff – say I sent you. He has no idea I am writing this!

We then downloaded an app called Tripit, this is an amazing little app – it sieves through all your emails, collects all your fights/ hotels and puts it all in one app. We have shared this information with our parents so they can see where we are at what time…We have a feelling they will turn up unexpectidly to spy on us – like Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents program on BBC!


So onto our trip, the first country we are flying to is Dallas USA. With plans to visit New Orleans/ Huston/ San Antonio/ Big Bend/ Amarillo/ and then across to California in 2 months. We spent ALOT of time pricing up – we discussed car/hotels, and RV/campsite options and I must admit neither are cheap! We decided to opt for the one that would be an adventure for us and the kids! So we have booked an RV with a company called El Monte. Again this was not cheap, but we feel will be worth every “cent!”

We have sourced alot of free campsites within National Parks that we are planning to stay at, but we have booked and paid for New Orleans, San Antonio. Santa Fe and Hollywood. These are our four main town stops – the rest of our stops are National Parks and other must see locations – we will talk about these in another blog.


Our next stop after USA is Fiji, this will just be a relaxing 10 day holiday! We are staying with a Fijian family, in their spare house on the beach, and hoping to learn about their way of living and culture – and they have invited us to have BBQs with them every evening!


New Zealand is our next location after Fiji, and again – we have spent many hours planning our drive! making sure we can fit it all in in 6 weeks – as we are hoping to drive South to North – Very north to Cape Reinga. Cape Regina is the very tip of the North Island, all that is there is a light house looking out to the Pacific Ocean….absolutely breath taking.

We spent some time deciding between New Zealand and Australia, we couldn’t do both due to cost, and the weather. As a photographer I wanted to take advantage of New Zealand’s beauty during Autumn – during this time its super cold in Australia – so decided to stick to just New Zealand.

Again, the same as USA we opted for an RV, this time I found a website called Vroom Vroom Vroom – and found a good deal on a Maui RV. You can free camp in New Zealand if you have a self-contained vehicle – which we do! We have had to book and pay for a site in April as we are there during Easter – which is a very busy holiday in New Zealand.


After our 6 weeks in New Zealand we will be visiting Thailand and Bali, Thailand I have typed up a whole booklet of hotels that have been booked – we haven’t messed around! We will be using the train, and Airbnb and while in Thailand.

I will be blogging about each country individually, and where abouts we are planning to go and see! so keep an eye on future blogs.

Travelling with children can be hard work, and having a plan can help – I must admit we have probabaly gone slightly OTT, but atleast we know that our girls will always have some where safe to sleep – which is very important to us.

So for some of you that are planning a trip of a life time with your family, be prepared for lots and lots and lots of research and planning…..

Love The England Family




The England Family

Have you ever wondered why we are here? Have you ever wondered what life is all about, and what we are supposed to be doing? Have you ever dreamt of escaping the ‘Rat Race’ of day to day life that we all unconsciously follow day to day?

These are the very questions we have been asking our self’s this year – we have had a few close family members pass away, making us realise how quick life can be taken from us. Call it an early mid life crises if you like – regardless, we have found ourself’s questioning life…how short it is, and whether working 60 hours a week, and waiting until we retire is the way forward for us.

We love being different – for example both of us love our music  Ska, Jazz and Old Skool Garage, rock ,80’s, 90’s if its got a beat you can dance to chances are we like it, Our ipods are random, one minute we are playing Disney, and the next we are raving to 90s dance music.

We have already done our fair share of travelling, Glen spent alot of his teens travelling America – while myself (Gemma) has also done a little bit of travelling to Thailand, which was the most amazing experience and recommend it to anyone!

We must put our hands up and say – we have never followed society! – We have our own way of living, our own way of thinking and our own ideas….some people think we are crazy for not liking what everyone else likes – but we dare to be different and dare to take a risk.

So we have decided as of January 28th 2019, we will break the rules of society and the rules of everyday life, and we’ll be putting everything in storage and travelling the world! Yes we are crazy, and yes we do not know what we are going to do at the end of all this – but I tell you this – Life is short, you could die tomorrow, life is all about experiences and we are here on this earth to live life to the fullest.

So what about Ellie and Maisie I hear you ask? Yes they are certainly coming with us! And YES they will probably drive us insane at times along the way – we know that it will not be all cupcakes and rainbows – but it will most defiantly be the best experience of their life’s.

So, our plans for the next few months are very busy! We will be giving up the lease on our house, selling most of our possessions, aswell as our car! We are also trying to loose some weight (as we are a little overweight at the moment), making sure that we are fit and healthy ready for all the travelling plans we have ahead…We will be blogging about our weight loss too! so keep an eye out!

So that’s us and our crazy plans, I hope you all follow us with our adventure!

Lots of Love

The England Family – Gemma, Glen, Ellie and Masie

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