Our Next Adventure….

Our Next Adventure….

So, we are here at a beautiful country that we all know and love, it may not be the other side of the world but it is somewhere were we all feel happy as a family (especially Ellie).

It has taken lots of research, but we found a world school hub for world schoolers to meet, learn and play; offering activities, classes and workshops giving world schoolers a chance to play and learn together.

So where is this I hear you ask!

Well Spain Of course! World School Hub Andalucia is run by a lady called Elin who is happily welcoming us with open arms to help us settle.

Our plan is to live and work here for a few months, winter let, and let the girls go to Spanish school -Ellie’s choice as she loves Spanish (Maisie won’t start properly untill aged 6) and then to get involved with everything else the world school hub has to offer in the afternoons. Ellie particularly likes Magic Skills, Art, Circus Acts and Song writing! We are also fairly close to the sea, with lots of water sports on offer!

We would love the girls to be bilingual especially in Spanish as it will give them a lot of scope for the future.

We are really hoping it’s somewhere we can settle for good, but we need to try it first to see! Even if it doesn’t work out it will be an amazing couple of months of new life skills, and another adventure under our belts.

Please wish us lots of luck on our new journey, we are all super excited!

Here is Elin’s website



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