Packing for an around the world trip with children; My top essential items…

Are you planning your exciting adventure around the world? Left your job, sold your house and starting to pack all the things you might need for your long journey? With children it’s a bit harder, as they take up more space then you realise!

Since being on the road for 3 -4 weeks now there are some essential items that we as a family could not live with out! I hope you find this blog helpful! Please comment below if you have any of your own that you can’t live with out!

1. “Lush” Solid Hair Soap

Yes it sounds extremely weird to have solid hair soap! But believe me, it’s an absolute life saver! It foams up just like usual shampoo, your hair feels amazing after a wash, and it saves lugging around heavy bottles. So save some space in your rucksacks ladies, get your self down to Lush – also online “These highly-concentrated bars, packed with powerful natural ingredients and essential oils, do the job of three 250g bottles of liquid shampoo” highly recommend and all three of us have used one of these for three weeks and still going strong!

2. Dry Shampoo

For them days where you just haven’t got time to wash your hair but it really needs a spruce up- try Batiste Dry shampoo. I find “Clean Classic Original” best as any other brands or fragrances makes my hair really itchy and sore. If your planning on staying in an RV for a while, dry shampoo is an absolute must; you don’t get a lot of shower time so hair washing isn’t top of the list.

3. Comfortable Loungewear OR pyjamas

This again, along with dry shampoo is an absolute must if you are planning on a long road trip! You spend a lot of down time in the RV driving for miles, and I feel it’s important to feel comfortable. Pack them baggy old PJs, and get cosy – you’re in for a long ride!

4. BB Cream or a Light Foundation

You haven’t been able to wash your hair as regularly as you’d like, and wearing baggy old PJs to keep you comfortable during them long road trips – so it would be nice for us ladies to make sure we look a little presentable. If you want a quick fresh face I absolutely recommend an Australian brand called NATIO, I use a foundation called Flawless, Full coverage. I can tell you now, this goes on beautifully like a BB cream, extremely light but gives you a lovely coverage – for that quick morning pick me up we all need! You can grab your self one of these in Tesco In the U.K. otherwise ebay.

5. Portable Charger

We have all been there, out of battery at 4% and desperate to google something important! Get your self on eBay/ Amazon and buy yourself an “EasyAcc Charger” It takes 3 leads at once (three USB ports) and charges all three devices up full charge with in an hour! This has been an absolute life saver! Especially with an iPhone, I have used this to charge my iPhone up 3 times YES people THREE TIMES in one day since we have been away! Taking photos/ videos uses lots of battery, and you do not want to miss that amazing photo.

6. Amazon Fires

This one is for those of you travelling with children, call us mad for deciding to it in the first place! It’s hard work believe me, all cramped up in an RV there are times when us adults need some down time. If you have children like ours that do not sit still, and like to run jump and play – 1 hour screen time is seriously needed. Make sure you download apps that work with no WiFi, and download films from Netflix and Amazon to work offline. As WiFi in RV parks (even though they say it’s included) can be hit and miss.

7. Wine/ Beer Glass (plastic)

Last but not least, the most important, and most needed essential while travelling in an RV! Get yourself down to the local grocery shop, and get a decent drinking glass. It will come in handy- especially those of you with children. You will definitely need a large glass of wine/ beer at the end of the night. It’s an absolutely amazing experience being able to be together as a family, and work as a team but it’s hard work! Being in such close perimeters for long periods of time can cause a lot of sibling arguments….by the time it’s bed time – for them an adult drink is needed.

So there you go! My 8 essentials for travelling in an RV I hope this helps! Are there anything you could suggest or that you found helpful in your travels? Please comment in the comments


PS- I’m editing this and adding a new essential- hiking / walking shoes! We all have a pair and have worn them most days! They are heavy wearing, waterproof and absolutely perfect for all them little adventures you have planned.

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