Top places to visit in; Louisiana USA

Best day out in Louisiana with Children….

Looking for a cheap day out in Louisiana? Head down to Avery Island. There’s a spectacular little place called Jungle Gardens where you can get lost for hours in miles of peaceful, breath taking scenery. Want something more adventurous? Don’t worry about that, you’ll be on your toes looking out for alligators, and they will be within feet of your RV! Its an experience like no other and only cost us $26 (Adults $12.50/ Children $5). Also at Avery Island you can visit the famous Tabasco Sauce Factory, but we just visited Jungle Gardens this time.

Where to stay near to Jungle Gardens with your RV?

You can’t stay on Avery Island unfortunately, but we stayed on an RV park called Koc kampground New Iberia, Louisiana. Koc kampground is around 8 miles (15 minutes drive) into Avery Island, and is probably one of the most welcoming camp grounds we have ever stayed on. The reception staff were very welcoming, we made friends with the locals and they made us feel at home! On site they have a massive field for the children to run around on, a fishing lake, swimming pool and a park for the kids. We would highly recommend this RV park.

Can you drive through Jungle Gardens with an RV?

If you have a car you can drive around the whole park, but with an RV you have to take a different route, park up and walk around some of the spots – reception will show you where to stop on the map they give you. This walk isn’t long and well worth it, the views are just breath taking.

What is there to see at Jungle Gardens?

Following the map from reception you will see 170 ache semitropical gardens, beautiful flowers, birds, a Buddha Garden, Snowy Egrets of Bird City, alligators, turtles….we were even lucky enough to see a few snakes! Take your time and take it all in, this is the most spectacular place we have ever been to.


Can you see Alligators?

If you are planning to visit Jungle Gardens plan to spend all day at there (maybe pack a picnic); take your time to soak up the atmosphere, and make sure you see everything. We felt peaceful and calm within the jungle, and before we knew it we had been exploring for hours. As we spent long there, we were lucky enough to see a few little alligators in the water (they are hard to spot as they look like logs!). Later in the day we drove around again, and to our excitement, sitting there on the bank was a long 8 foot armoured body of thick scales; a huge alligator! Slowly and quietly we got out of the RV to take look, quickly took some photos and ran back into the RV! Probably the most memorable time of our RV road trip yet, being able to see this monstrous but beautiful beast!

Are Children welcome at Jungle Gardens?

Yes! Defiantly, children will absolutely love it here. So much to see, lots twists and turns and variety of different things to explore. The excitement on their little faces when they spot an alligator is absolutely priceless.


This is why you must go to Jungle Gardens!

Jungle Gardens is a must see, and must be top of your list of places to visit if you are going to Louisiana. We had the most memorable day here, our whole family was calm and bedazzled by the beauty of this place. This is not just for families who like nature this is for everyone, as it’s a fusion of peaceful beauty, and thrilling wildlife.


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