We’re Leaving On a Jet Plane, not sure when we’ll be back again……

From Glen-

It’s 4:42am on 28th January 2019 and I’m wide awake, laying in our Premium Inn bed at London Gatwick thinking about what is about to happen with our lives. Thinking about the adventures we will have, what problems we may encounter, how this trip is going to benefit our lives, and what impact it will have on the girls. What will life throw at us, and how will we handle it; I’m thinking all this laying in this hotel bed in the dark while the 3 girls are sound asleep, I’m writing on my phone with the brightness turned all the way down and when one of the girls move or make a sound I flip the phone down to hide the screen so they don’t see I’m awake and think it ok to get up.

We have a long day ahead of us today, we won’t be checking in to the hotel in Dallas till about 12 midnight tonight, so a full day of traveling with a stopover in Chicago for 5hrs then another flight to Dallas Texas, so the girls need there rest for this long day ahead.

I’m also thinking about the comfortable life we’ve left behind, Gem had 2 businesses she started from nothing which she loved, and I have worked 14years at the same company, the last 5years being management. We were both very comfortable and stable with our work situations, we rented a lovely house and we filled it with all pretty things to make it our home – we had a comfortable life…………. But where’s the excitement, where’s the adventure? We could go on with our lives working 60hrs + a week up until we retire , and squeezing in fun things to do over the weekends sure 95% of the population does and it works, But that doesn’t work for us, we have been stuck in groundhog Day for to long……


We have sold everything we own, I’ve quit my job, Gems closed her business, we’ve moved out of our home, and we have taken the girls out of school. Our lives as we knew them is no more, but boy does that feel good.

All we now own are 4 ruck sacks full of clothes, a fancy camera ,2 phones and a laptop, oh and of course Gemma’s beloved trumpet and right now it feels liberating. We feel free, we have no weight on our shoulders (other than our rucksacks!)

So that’s it from us, from The England Family we are jetting off to the USA to start our amazing trip!

4 thoughts on “We’re Leaving On a Jet Plane, not sure when we’ll be back again……

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  1. Good luck mate! It’s a brave decision and one i hope that will bring you all closer together as a family and bring you many many memories to treasure for the rest of your lives!! Whilst the rest of us get on with the rat race i hope you cam experience many different cultures and lifestyles! Enjoy and good luck… live the Lewis’s


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