Dyslexic and I know it….


Some of you may know already, my spelling and grammar can sometimes be horrendous! I do struggle with understanding some text, and sometimes have to spend some time reading through, and checking my thesaurus!

I didn’t let this beat me during my studies and worked extremely hard, managing to achieve an A Level, and a BA Hons Photography. While at University I discovered after a number of tests, that I am infect Dyslexic. For me, it was a relief as then I realised that I can learn any subject –  I just need to learn differently to others. My way of learning new skills is through visual/physical/artistic – rather than listening and reading.

This month I have taken on a new challenge, I am probably crazy – but have decided to study TEFL – which stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. If I am able to complete the course, it could lead to opportunities working abroad – but I am going to have to work extra hard.

At the moment I am re-teaching myself English Grammar, as I have little understanding of all the function words, and their meanings – and this is probably the most challenging project that I have ever given myself!

This weekend (tomorrow) I am attending a 2 day course, and to be totally honest I am so very very nervous! I have made sure I am fully prepared, with simple print outs (for Ellie’s age)!

While I am at the course, I will be learning; how to plan a class, how to teach vocabulary, grammar, speaking and reading! Once I am qualified I will be able to work in another country – for example Bali and  help children who already know basic English, to correct their linguistics and para-linguists. Anyone who is fluent in English can do this, as you naturally know how to speak/ read and write. Most students choose to have a TEFL teacher just to practice their English speaking, but my aim is to hopefully teach children.

I have 140 hours of online learning and 3 assignments to complete! BUT Anything is possible if you push yourself, you can learn when your older, – and I will make this happen!

Gem x

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